This Kitchen Has a Coffee Station, Pantry, and Wine Fridge—But You’d Never Know | Domino

The building was a brand-new construction, so renovating the kitchen wasn’t even on Hetherington’s radar initially. Then she started filling the open-plan layout with beige, cream, and camel pieces inspired by a central work by the artist in the living room—and the industrial-style black Poliform cabinets and stark white Ceasarstone countertops stood out like a sore thumb. While keeping the floor plan intact (save for a few upper cabinets that got the boot), Hetherington worked on blending the space in with its surroundings.

Photography by Lucy Call; Design by Abby Hetherington

Hetherington wasn’t interested in a shiny stone for the countertops, so she turned to concrete instead. “The vendor we got it from actually casts them in a linen fabric to give it a raw texture,” explains the designer, who also matched the shade to one of the lighter tiles to give it that warm, fabric-like tone. The range hood was then plastered to match. If you look closely, every hue in the room refers back to the backsplash: Peep the beaded oak doors with planks of varying widths (another trick Hetherington used to give the room an organic feel) and the rice paper–hued plaster. It’s as close to a handful of wheat a kitchen will ever get.

‘Cheap” IKEA Kitchen Installations Can Cost A Lot In The Long Run

The average kitchen reno costs about $25,000, with a high end closer to $40,000. The cost depends on a lot of factors, from your geographic location (it’s a lot cheaper in the South, for example) to your taste and the size of your kitchen. Still, no matter how you slice it, renovating a kitchen is an expensive project.

So it’s not surprising that buying your kitchen from IKEA is a tempting option. There’s absolutely no doubt that IKEA kitchens are a lot cheaper on paper—on average about half the cost, and possibly even lower depending on the options you choose. IKEA sells everything you need for your kitchen in one place, from appliances to flooring, cabinets, countertops, and finishes, so it’s also a fairly convenient way to remodel.

The 5 Most Requested Bedroom Upgrades Right Now, According to the Pros | Apartment Therapy

“It takes some time, or perhaps a few sleepless nights and uncomfortable mornings, to know what a bedroom requires in order for it to feel truly welcoming. When professionals get a look at bedrooms, they almost always spot potential improvements that will help their customers relax. But other than those personal requests, there’s something else to consider, too. “The more upgrades you do, the higher the value of your home,” says Angela Duncan, the owner of Duncan Enterprises in Elliston, Virginia. Howard Molen, the president of HFM Builders, Inc., agrees.”

This Is Why You Should Never Share Photos of Your House Keys Online | Apartment Therapy

Posting a photo of your keys is something new homeowners do all the time when showing off their exciting new purchase, often dangling them in front of their front door. But TikTok user Cathy Pedrayes warns fellow TikTokers to not post photos of their new house keys online.

As Pedrayes explains in the Oct. 25 video, some nefarious intruder could make a copy of your key just from that photo alone. And according to the experts, there’s more than one way a potential burglar could do so.

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