Cole Hardware February Happy Hour

Arguably our most important supplier, Cole Hardware is a neighborhood treasure on Russian Hill. Once a month, they treat their rewards club members to a glass of wine and a $10 discount of a $25-or-more purchase.

— and if you think you don’t need $25 worth of stuff from Cole Hardware at least once a month, you are mistaken. They’ve got awesome stuff.

Where to Take a Date in Nob Hill, Russian Hill, and the Tenderloin

We give advice on a lot of subjects. Should I conceal the wiring for my wall-mounted flat screen in a rental? Can my ceiling support a ceiling fan? How can I eliminate drafts in my Victorian apartment?

But when it comes to where to take a date on Russian Hill, we defer to the experts over at Eater.

The best date spots in the neighborhood

Source: Where to Take a Date in Nob Hill, Russian Hill, and the Tenderloin

Where to Eat and Drink in Russian Hill

Hey, we’re always trying to keep our dining & entertainment dollars right here where we’ve earned them, and – to that end – we want you to “spend local” as well.

Have a look at all of the places to eat and drink on Russian Hill, and let us know if you run into us while we’re out!

A curated guide to the best of the neighborhood’s dining and drinking

Source: Where to Eat and Drink in Russian Hill

#AnchoredInSF | Russian Hill Spotlight

From the site:


Is about sharing our love for the city by celebrating neighborhood pride with local artists and San Francisco’s original beer, Anchor Steam®.

Like Russian Hill Handyman Co., the Anchor Brewery got its start in Russian Hill, too. 

01-pourPaying homage to neighborhoods throughout San Francisco, Anchor is leading off the initiative with its tribute to Russian Hill and some custom artwork and apparel. Again from the Anchored in SF site:

We’ve partnered with SF local artist, Amos Goldbaum, to create custom artwork for #AnchoredInSF. During this celebration, you can collect limited edition posters and merchandise that represent the heart and soul of each neighborhood.

Loving Russian Hill as we do, we hope you’ll join us at this neighborhood celebration when it comes around on the calendar.

Workshop Open; Appointments Available.

The Workshop Is: OPEN, with new-customer appointment lead-times averaging 3 to 4 business days.

Please contact us via this web form to request service, inquire about rates or estimates, or just to introduce yourself to us for future work opportunities.


Typically, all online inquiries receive a personalized response by e-mail no later than the end of the following business day, whenever possible.


Note: All appointments are booked via online calendar invitation/acceptance.



  • If necessary, you may e-mail us at: to provide us with photos, product links or details relevant to your service inquiry, however we cannot respond to new customer inquiries sent to this e-mail address that do not accompany a web form submission.
  • If the workshop is CLOSED, we may not be responding to new customer inquiries. Please check back for future updates if we fail to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.

HOME ENVY | Filbert Street Gem drops below $10MM

Price of LEED Platinum House on Russian Hill Tumbles $1.75 Million – Curbed SF

The allure of platinum is not quite so strong as initially supposed, as this designer house on Russian Hill opts for a huge discount after two months.

Source: Price of LEED Platinum House on Russian Hill Tumbles $1.75 Million – Curbed SF

The house at 1209 Filbert Street is four stories, four bedrooms, five and a half baths, over 5,600 square feet, and sits right in the middle of choice Russian Hill, two blocks from the Lombard Street curves.

It even carries a LEED Platinum designation for the likes of its rainwater harvest tank, drip irrigation, solar system, and Forest Stewardship Council approved wood. The only way this place would be more primed for top dollar is if it was made of real platinum.

But despite all that, it looks like $11.25 million was simply too ambitious of an asking price. The circa 2011 house by developer Troon Pacific went on the market for that remarkable sum in May, but yesterday knocked off $1.75 million.

Heart stopping photos beyond the link. Click through at your own risk.

We’ve never done work inside, but they only built the place a few years ago. When the walls start cracking, we hope they call us.