HOME ENVY | Filbert Street Gem drops below $10MM

Price of LEED Platinum House on Russian Hill Tumbles $1.75 Million – Curbed SF

The allure of platinum is not quite so strong as initially supposed, as this designer house on Russian Hill opts for a huge discount after two months.

Source: Price of LEED Platinum House on Russian Hill Tumbles $1.75 Million – Curbed SF

The house at 1209 Filbert Street is four stories, four bedrooms, five and a half baths, over 5,600 square feet, and sits right in the middle of choice Russian Hill, two blocks from the Lombard Street curves.

It even carries a LEED Platinum designation for the likes of its rainwater harvest tank, drip irrigation, solar system, and Forest Stewardship Council approved wood. The only way this place would be more primed for top dollar is if it was made of real platinum.

But despite all that, it looks like $11.25 million was simply too ambitious of an asking price. The circa 2011 house by developer Troon Pacific went on the market for that remarkable sum in May, but yesterday knocked off $1.75 million.

Heart stopping photos beyond the link. Click through at your own risk.

We’ve never done work inside, but they only built the place a few years ago. When the walls start cracking, we hope they call us.

RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Wk of 20 Jan ’14

RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | wk of 20 jan '14

Cafe Du Nord closed its doors last weekend, in advance of an upcoming major renovation.

In our never-ending quest for charming San Francisco photography, we sometimes venture outside of the 94109 zip in order to bring soothing images and important news to prospective customers — as well as tell you a little bit more about ourselves than, “sure, we can fix the hole in your wall.”

Cafe Du Nord has been a long-time favorite among the members of the Russian Hill Handyman staff when we’re working in the Castro, Noe Valley or the Duboce Triangle — an outstanding happy hour, when they’re open early. We’re glad to see that the folks from The Bon Vivants and Ne Timeas are heading up the recharge, and we hope they don’t disappoint.

RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Wk of 21 Jan ’13

San Francisco Tarts Up Coit Tower for the NFC Champion 49ers : Photos by David Yu Photography

Local photographer, David Yu, captured this amazing shot of Coit Tower from the Marin Headlands during the 49ers run-up to the NFC Championship. I’m not sure how afoul I’m running of the Creative Commons License, since this may be considered a commercial use, but — for the purposes of sharing David’s photography and crediting him properly — I’m going to characterize this as more of a personal blog update than a company status update.

Having said that, however, it bears mentioning that if you’ve come here for some reason other than to appreciate and share my taste in local photography, that the week of January 21 is completely booked with customer appointments already, and that we’re scheduling new customer appointments for the week of the 28th — a few appointments remain available next week, and the following week — beginning February 4th — still has a few appointments available as well. Let us know what you need done, and we’ll let you know how soon we can get to it.

While we’re through-and-through Giants fans, which means that I got to celebrate a Super Bowl win last February, followed by a World Series celebration in October, we would be fools not to jump on the bandwagon at this point and cheer for the 49ers — if for no other reason than drunken 49ers fans celebrating a Super Bowl win is bound to yield no fewer than a dozen calls on Monday, February 4th, requesting repair assistance with doors kicked off hinges in the Marina and holes punched in walls on Polk Street. We’ve been at this for a few years, and we can bank on the intoxicated manliness of our neighbors turning into small-yet-urgent fix-it opportunities you can set your watch by. — so GO NINERS!

I hope everyone enjoys a football-free weekend before we all start losing our minds on February 3rd.

RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Week of 20 Aug. ’12

While we don’t do a ton of work near Levi’s Plaza, it’s one of our favorite places in the city to find ourselves in the middle of the work day. There’s a strong early-80’s vibe throughout the neighborhood, as though everyone working there is weighing whether to head out to Uncle Charlie’s that Friday to catch either The Tubes or Huey Lewis and the News after work. High powered textiles executives carrying 13-pound cell phones on shoulder straps are ducking beneath the gull-wing doors of their Deloreans to zoom through the Broadway Tunnel over to Henry Africa’s for cocktails and other mayhem.

— and the local architecture and signage bears out this fantasy when you shut out some of the more contemporary sensory clutter, like the overpowering smell of the Starbucks located directly behind me as I take this photo.

Many thanks to the good people at the Center for Culinary Development for asking us to upgrade their stainless steel kitchen shelves and bringing us over to The Plaza for work last week.

As stated in last week’s update and on our Contact Us page, we’re already completely booked up with work until after Labor Day — so we’re very happy to respond to inquiries before then, but we are regrettably unable to service any new customer inquiries until September.


RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Week of 27 May ’12

28 May 2012

While it’s useless for us to try and hide our contempt for the folks who traipse into San Francisco during extended holiday weekend celebrations and treat The City like a sewer (not to mention the folks who live in San Francisco and treat it similarly), even our cold hearts of stone were melted into molten love of country and county when the fireworks started going off on the Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday night. — and while his lawyer may be fitting us for a 48-Long cease and desist letter for posting it on our site, we had to share Lance Iversen’s shot from the Chronicle, as shot from the Marin Headlands with something other than an iPhone or a disposable camera.

Photo: Lance Iversen / The Chronicle

We’d swear the Golden Gate Bridge didn’t look a day over 50, certainly not a year-and-a-half older than the proprietor of Russian Hill Handyman’s father (who bears a striking resemblance to Dick Van Dyke in spite of being 12+ years his junior). In fairness to RHH’s patriarch, both the Golden Gate Bridge and Rob Petrie have had legions of dedicated attendants fretting over their profiles since they made first appearances in the public spotlight — which is perhaps the reason why the Golden Gate Bridge is still such a breathtaking sight for us, as much today as the first time we ever laid eyes on it back in 1992. As such, we hope that the Bridge District will abandon its plans to try and depression-proof the structure (of course, if-and-only-if people will stop using it as a springboard to their eternal reward).

The odds favor the fact that you did not visit our site in order to hear us sound-off on the bridge, the weekend, the suicide barrier or my dad’s resemblance to Dick Van Dyke. With the abbreviated work week (and the extended weekend that preceded it), our calendar for the week of the 27th filled up even before we hoisted our first beers of the Friday happy hour. Generally speaking — though not absolutely — we don’t have the availability to offer you same-day or next-day service available to new customers because of the depth of our existing job queue, and this week is certainly one where we’re already overbooked from the start. We never want to miss a chance to serve a customer who needs our assistance, but please don’t be disappointed if we won’t be able to schedule your service until the weeks of either June 4th or June 11th.

Please use the form found here to contact us — with as little or as much extraneous information as you would like to share — and we promise to get back to you with the earliest available appointment date and cost estimate for your project in the home or office.