6 Overlooked Places to Hang Hooks in Your Kitchen | Kitchn

Hooks come in handy in many kitchens to keep utilitarian things like pots, pans, and utensils right within reach. They can also serve as a decorative element to turn your best-looking cookware and tools into part of the room’s flare.

But a blank wall is not the only place to hang hooks in your kitchen! Just about any surface will do. Try one of these overlooked places to hang hooks in your kitchen.

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nk wall is not the only place for a hook!

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6 Major Decorating Tips From Tiny House Owners | Apartment Therapy

From the good folks over at Apartment Therapy:

Decorating a tiny house? The only way to go is up. Not only does designing vertically create the illusion of a clean, clutter-free space, but it can also trick guests into thinking your home is bigger.

“Store items high and low, and out of the eye-line to make spaces seem bigger,” Spesard says.

Take advantage of the space underneath your bed and couch, and install a hanging pot holder in your kitchen.

They say “tiny house,” but on Russian Hill we know this is de rigeur for “apartment living.”

When it comes to making some of these ideas a reality in your studio or flat, we can help make that happen.

Many of these ideas were the inspiration for the start of Russian Hill Handyman Co. — if you’ve seen the loft bed in Rick’s apartment, you’ll know what we mean.

Two tiny house experts share their best decorating tips.

Source: 6 Major Decorating Tips From Tiny House Owners | Apartment Therapy

#AnchoredInSF | Russian Hill Spotlight

From the site:


Is about sharing our love for the city by celebrating neighborhood pride with local artists and San Francisco’s original beer, Anchor Steam®.

Like Russian Hill Handyman Co., the Anchor Brewery got its start in Russian Hill, too. 

01-pourPaying homage to neighborhoods throughout San Francisco, Anchor is leading off the initiative with its tribute to Russian Hill and some custom artwork and apparel. Again from the Anchored in SF site:

We’ve partnered with SF local artist, Amos Goldbaum, to create custom artwork for #AnchoredInSF. During this celebration, you can collect limited edition posters and merchandise that represent the heart and soul of each neighborhood.

Loving Russian Hill as we do, we hope you’ll join us at this neighborhood celebration when it comes around on the calendar.

Range Hood Vent Alternatives – Window Fan Review | Kitchn

We’re not eager to knock ourselves out of the business of installing range hoods in rental apartments – a key piece of our workload – but there are often situations where a renter can’t get permission to knock out a vent line from the kitchen to an exterior wall. For that, we offer some good insight from our friends over at Apartment Therapy, who are usually full of good ideas.

A while ago, I wrote a post about how to ventilate a kitchen when you don’t have a range hood or vent. A number of Kitchn readers recommended installing a reversible window fan which, when put on the exhaust setting, can effectively draw smells, steam, and smoke out of your kitchen.

I don’t have a hood in my rental kitchen, and for a long time I just ran the ceiling fans in other rooms when I cooked something particularly smelly or smoky. It worked okay, but wasn’t ideal. So I decided to put a window fan in one of my kitchen windows, and now I’m so glad I did.

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IKEA Gratulera Anniversary Collection – Best New Pieces | Apartment Therapy

In honor of its 75th anniversary—yep, IKEA has been hawking on-trend home pieces since 1944—the company is bringing back some of its most famous furnishing from decades past as part of the limited edition GRATULERA collection.

The nostalgic collection will roll out as three separate launches, each one focusing on a different decade: the ’50s-’60s, ’70s-’80s and the ’90s-’00s, launching at different times throughout the year. The launches will include beloved pieces that were available at IKEA during those decades.


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The Tiny Upgrade for a More Stylish Rental Kitchen | Kitchn

via The Tiny Upgrade for a More Stylish Rental Kitchen | Kitchn


Lots of great ideas in here for upgrading the kitchen in your San Francisco Rental. From Kitchn:

The one thing my rental apartment kitchen has going for it is that it’s new. When the old tenants moved out, a team of contractors came and removed the ugly floors, cabinets, and countertops and replaced them with new versions — but new in no way equates to modern or cool. My kitchen looks, I imagine, about the same as many rental kitchens out there: beige and bland.

Before and After: This Son Gave His Dad’s Rental Kitchen A No-Reno Makeover | ApartmentTherapy.com : May 25, 2018

We’re always keen on spotting these stories about low-impact kitchen or bath upgrades for renters. In San Francisco, where even a terrible unit can fetch a king’s ransom in rent, making the best out of your landlord’s horrible attention to detail can be a godsend.

Click on through to the story of how one son-of-a-renter made a huge impact on his dad’s pad.


Shout out to this little electronics wrangler, which is a far better than my “Lean My Phone Against The Salt Shaker” method. This solution looks so streamlined, and is perfect for both checking recipes and streaming a Netflix show while cooking.

If you’re considering updating a room with peel-and-stick tiles, whether you’re a renter or not, Kevin has encouraging words:

  • If you’re a renter but want to make a big impact in your kitchen, I would definitely recommend the peel-and-stick tiles. Take your time to install, making sure they’re straight and well-aligned, and the change will really make a huge difference!

via Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash – Kitchen Before After | Apartment Therapy