IDEA GENERATOR : IKEA Built-in Furniture Hacks

We love a good IKEA hack, and there’s not many things we’re better at bringing to life than someone else’s brilliant hack ideas. This set is a near-perfect one for most San Francisco apartments in Russian Hill, North Beach, The Marina, Nob Hill, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights and Hayes Valley.

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If you’ve ever watched an episode of House Hunters, you know how built-ins can make a first-time home buyer squeal (on a scale of one to walk-in closets, they’re probably about a seven). And we completely understand how one could go go starry-eyed over a wall of bookcases.There’s just something about their tidy finished look, sturdy structure, and decorative details that make built-ins swoon-worthy.

But of course, like most things on our “someday list,” they’re not exactly cheap to install.However, as many ingenious decor bloggers have demonstrated, when there is a will — and IKEA — there is a more affordable way.

IKEA furniture is known for its “hackability.” The pieces are generally inexpensive, and the fact that they come in a million pieces is actually a plus when you’re trying to customize something for a particular space.Often, with just a little trim, a few extra nails, and a creative eye for design, you can turn what is otherwise a wobbly bookcase or dresser into a beautiful built-in unit.Thinking you might tackle this project in your own home? Take inspiration from these impressive projects:


Source: IKEA Built-in Ideas – IKEA Furniture Hacks

16 Decorator Tricks for Small Living Rooms


Living in an apartment, or in an older home with tiny rooms, can present a challenge: how to make your limited space seem larger. Try these easy home-decorating ideas.

6 of 16: Fake Bigger Windows

Installing curtain rods a few inches below the ceiling instead of right above the window frame will draw the eye upward and make windows seem taller. The same trick works to visually expand a window‘s width, if you hang the rods a few inches past the sides of the panes.

Source: 16 Decorator Tricks for Small Living Rooms and More

Before You Ask, No, We Didn’t Build That.

One of the great virtues of the handyman business is being able to land the kind of work you want to do in the first place. The thing that attracted me to this work was the opportunity to help make the kinds of changes to small living spaces that are transformative in both an architectural and lifestyle context — all while not holding a degree in either architecture or psychology.

Or perhaps that’s just a little over-the-top.

In any case, I’m sharing a post from the New York Times online from over a year-and-a-half ago, featuring one of the most amazing apartment transformations I’ve ever seen. In an era in San Francisco where we’re seeing scores of new apartments and condos being built and put on the market at a pace that exceeds anything most of us who’ve lived here for more than 20 years have ever seen before, I continue to want to look at the “heritage” buildings on Nob Hill, Russian Hill and in the Tenderloin, and ask what opportunities exist there for modern living in classical spaces.

As for the handyman business, we’re not California Licensed General Contractors, so we wouldn’t take on an entire apartment or condo remodel on the order of the one featured above, but there are a number of design and storage ideas for living in small spaces that are well within our competencies. If you’re looking to implement some of them, we’d love to consult and execute on the projects.

Tapping the potential in 425 square feet.

Source: A Spirited Game of Musical Rooms on the Upper West Side – The New York Times

Idea Generator : Leather Cabinet Pull DIY Tutorial

Leather Cabinet Pull DIY Tutorial | Apartment Therapy

An easy way to dress up any kitchen is to switch out the dated drawer and cabinet pulls. With so many options out there it can be hard to narrow down the search (and it can be easy to spend much more than initially planned). But have you ever thought of making them yourself? Sarah did just that! After painting her rental’s super basic kitchen cabinets a dark moody color (Behr’s Submarine Grey) she installed her DIY leather pulls and took her bland stock kitchen to a whole new level.

Source: Leather Cabinet Pull DIY Tutorial | Apartment Therapy

Idea Generator : Storing Your Gear In Your Apartment

Bikes & Skis & Surfboards, Oh My: Ingenious Ways to Store Gear in a Small Space | Apartment Therapy

Fitting big hobbies—the type that require a board, a helmet, and maybe even a wetsuit—into a teeny-tiny home can be a tall order. Your best bets for storing this space-hogging gear are to work them into your decor plan or place them in often-overlooked spots (aka hide them in plain sight). Here are nine ways to stash sports gear, without cramping your style.

Source: Bikes & Skis & Surfboards, Oh My: Ingenious Ways to Store Gear in a Small Space | Apartment Therapy

Idea Generator : Bathroom Upgrades Your Landlord Won’t Hate

Fast Fixes: Small, Landlord Friendly Upgrades For the Bathroom — Renters Solutions | via Apartment Therapy

When we moved into our apartment, the bathroom was the first thing I wanted to upgrade. In an attempt to satisfy the urge to remodel the entire room, I decided to start with several low cost, low time investment upgrades.

Source: Fast Fixes: Small, Landlord Friendly Upgrades For the Bathroom — Renters Solutions | Apartment Therapy

“5 Things I Never Did to a Rental But Probably Should Have”

“5 Things I Never Did to a Rental But Probably Should Have” — Renters Solutions | Apartment Therapy

Quite often when we talk about the upgrades you can make to a rental apartment or home, I am the first to look at the list and balk, saying to myself that none of it is worth the effort. When the time comes to actually move out of your home, no one really wants any additional work, but with a little extra organization and coordination, I’ve come to realize that I could have had the home I wanted, instead of the home I was trying make feel like me without big impact ideas.

Source: 5 Things I Never Did to a Rental But Probably Should Have — Renters Solutions | Apartment Therapy