Stay Safe, Everyone!

While we endeavor to honor the city’s “shelter-in-place” orders, we understand that some jobs just can’t wait. In that spirit, we’re keeping the the workshop open to service your homes, offices and retail/restaurant spaces.

More importantly than anything else, we’re washing our hands a heck-of-a-lot more than we used to, and we’re used to washing our hands more often than anyone outside the culinary or medical fields.

We also value the importance of communication at a time like this, and we’re placing an even higher premium on talking to customers in order to understand their priorities, their concerns, their schedules, and their budgets. Whether we end up working for someone during the “shelter-in-place” order or just making scheduling arrangements for a time when things get back to normal, we are eager to listen to your needs and respond with a variety of options to meet them.

Please stay healthy San Francisco. Please wash your hands and stay at home until we’re through this thing.

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