Swedes Teach Us How To Live Big In Small Spaces

We don’t usually think of Stockholm in the same context as — say — Singapore or Hong Kong or Mexico City or Manhattan or San Francisco. It’s not a place where we imagine people trying or needing to make the most out of living in a small space in a very densely populated city. Back in 2012, however, Freshome brought us this link from Swedish real estate broker, Stadshem, which shows off that Scandavaian panache for doing more with less that we tend to associate more with assemble-it-yourself furniture than residential architecture. That is to say, most of what makes this living space fantastic aren’t things you can pull off a shelf and throw into a cart. Still, there’s a lot going on in this apartment that may inspire those of us on Russian Hill and nearby to make better use of the limited space we have.

Small Swedish Apartment Securing The Inhabitant’s Every Need – Freshome.com

Collect this idea Naturally bright and showcasing a space composition that constructs the setting for a comfortable, modern lifestyle, this apartment found on Stadshem keeps the most important features of the old arrangement, while displaying lavish colors and textures in an up-to-date interior design. This small but cozy apartment in Gothenburg’s Lorensberg district show that […]

Source: Small Swedish Apartment Securing The Inhabitant’s Every Need – Freshome.com

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