RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Wk of 17 Feb ’14

RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Wk of 17 Feb '14

Local photographer, Toby Harriman, captured some amazing aerial photos over San Francisco last month, and we’re pleased to share one on the blog this week, along with this link to a video of the acrophobia-inducing endeavor. Why, there are literally hundreds of our customers’ homes and businesses captured in this frame — and if your home or business is visible in it, then we’ll serve yours, too.

Currently, the job calendar is almost entirely booked through next week, the week beginning on Sunday, 23 February. With some limited exceptions for work that’s specifically on Russian Hill and flexible on scheduling, we’ll be scheduling any new-customer work that follows this update during the first week of March. MARCH! My goodness, how did it get to be March 2014 already.

Thanks to SFist for hipping us to Toby’s work, and — please — don’t hesitate to let us know if use of your work (and links to your site) from ours violates your Fair Usage principles. We’re happy to take them down and post old Andy Capp cartoons instead.

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