RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Wk of 20 Jan ’14

Coit Tower illuminated in honor of fallen San Francisco firefighters, 10 June 2011, by local video- and photojournalist, Adithya Sambamurthy.

It’s a little late for “Happy New Year!” but thanks to the nasty strain of the flu that’s been hammering San Francisco — the entire country, from what we’re reading — this is the first chance we’ve had to flip over the “closed” sign on the website and start accepting new customers in 2014.

That’s not to say we haven’t been working at all since January 1; in fact, we’ve kept ourselves pretty busy with the work that our customers commissioned during the holidays.

This week’s photo comes from Adithya Sambamurthy and The Bay Citizen. From the photographer:

In advance of today’s funeral coverage, I photographed Coit Tower, which has been lit in red in honor of San Francisco Fire Department Lt. Vincent Perez and Firefighter-Paramedic Anthony Valerio. Here’s another frame that I liked, but had just a bit too much light from the circling cars.

We’re working an abbreviated week in the field, due to the King Holiday, but should be responding to all online inquires on a daily basis. Please visit our “SERVICE” page to request an estimate or to schedule on-site handyman service.

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