RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Wk. of 14 Jan ’13

Wow, this is a terrific shot, used without permission but with citation from the Flickr account of someone who spends a lot more time in the air than I do.
San Francisco fights off the fog, courtesy of Flickr user lkb2k

Someone recently shared a link on Facebook with me about the 12 things you wish you knew before moving to San Francisco, and among them was the fact that Divisadero represents the “Fog-Line” for The City — true that, and it’s also roughly the line past which we are generally uncomfortable transiting for work, but, like the fog, we will always make exceptions.

This was a reminder of how change is happening every second of every minute of every day around us, and how it’s nearly impossible to detect the change until it’s far behind us and manifesting itself in ways we didn’t notice at the time. — at least, it was for me. I’m generally not one given toward great existential analysis on these pages, but I started typing a blog update, and that’s what came out of me — all, really, because I simply had to share that photo with you.

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