RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | P.S., Merry Christmas

Santa's Helper
Norman Rockwell “Santa’s Helper”,
December 27, 1947 | SATURDAY EVENING POST Cover

If you’ve come for help, then first let us express our hope that you had a Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year. After being suddenly, once again, called out of town, we’re back in San Francisco and have turned on the “OPEN” light above the workshop’s front door.

Bear with us as we play a little catch-up with our schedule — if you’re submitting a request for service via our website, you’ll receive a personal response from us by the end of the business day upon which you sent it to us. In addition to providing you with rates and an estimate, we’ll also let you know the earliest date upon which we can do the work. If you’re reading this blog post after having submitted a request to us in the past two weeks while we’ve been called away, you’ll be getting a follow-up e-mail from us by the end of the day, today, the day after Christmas.

There will be updating the company blog tomorrow with another update on scheduling and availability, but we wanted to get a quick update on the web while we’re out in the field getting some post-Christmas jobs done on the day-after (since we’re not returning any gifts).

Thanks for your consideration and your patronage. Please click here if you would like our assistance.

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