Well, it’s been much, much longer since our last update than we would ideally prefer, but there have been a number of distractions on our desktops (and in our lives) that have pushed our blog and the San Francisco business to the back burner. Briefly, long before we were fixing up homes, offices and business in San Francisco, we were growing up and going to school in New Jersey, and we still have parents who live in the Garden State — in one case, on the Jersey Shore. Everyone is holding up just fine, thanks for asking, but we’ve been focused on things other than scheduling jobs in the city since we met a Girl Named Sandy.

We continue to accept submissions via the website, and will be prompt in our replies and candid about our immediate availability, but be forewarned that we may be several weeks away from “available immediately” status. We will, however, update this page and our online status to reflect any changes in our schedule, particularly if we can offer same- and next-day-appointments.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who’s extended good wishes, thoughts and prayers to our friends and family in New York and New Jersey — and we hope we can continue to be of service to you as available through the holidays.

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