RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Unavail. ’til Wk of 11/19

Contrary to the implication of the photos in this post, we are not taking off three weeks to enjoy the World Series and the inevitable hangover to follow.

No, we’re just updating our site with some photos from last night’s National League Pennant clinching win in Game 7 of the Championship Series — the sixth elimination game victory of the 2012 post-season for the Giants.

Since there’s not actually any news to report since yesterday’s update, I’m going to do some cutting-and-pasting to ensure that our most recent status is reflected, herein. From October 22nd:

In spite of the “Closed Until 10/18” sign that most recently hung on our storefront, there’s been a steady stream of job requests trickling over the threshold since before I left town to watch the Scarlet demolish the Orange. Given the demands of the still-pending work that remained prior to my departure and the list of new work that’s awaiting placement on our calendar, I’d like to preempt any New Customer Requests for work that needs to be scheduled prior to the week of November 19th. Unfortunately, absent some additions to our staff, all of our tradesmen are already looking at full calendars through the 2nd full week of the next month.

Once again, we can not accept any new work requests until after the 18th of November. If this changes, and if we complete our existing backlog of work prior to that date, we will immediately update our website with new information.

If you’re taking a more long-term approach to hiring a handyman service provider, then please don’t hesitate to visit our Contact Us page and submit to us your online request for a consultation. If you’re hoping to schedule a job prior to the November 19th, however, we are very regretfully unavailable.

Please accept my apologies once again for the fact that we’re not as “hired up” as I’d like to be in order to respond to the customer interest of the past month-and-a-half. We take very seriously the responsibility of working in your home or your office, and — as such — we are very slow to hire until we can be sure that anyone who joins our team is as trustworthy as they are capable. Over the next four weeks, we hope to have new team members who display both of those characteristics so that we can serve you in a more timely fashion.

— rick

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