RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Week of 20 Aug. ’12

While we don’t do a ton of work near Levi’s Plaza, it’s one of our favorite places in the city to find ourselves in the middle of the work day. There’s a strong early-80’s vibe throughout the neighborhood, as though everyone working there is weighing whether to head out to Uncle Charlie’s that Friday to catch either The Tubes or Huey Lewis and the News after work. High powered textiles executives carrying 13-pound cell phones on shoulder straps are ducking beneath the gull-wing doors of their Deloreans to zoom through the Broadway Tunnel over to Henry Africa’s for cocktails and other mayhem.

— and the local architecture and signage bears out this fantasy when you shut out some of the more contemporary sensory clutter, like the overpowering smell of the Starbucks located directly behind me as I take this photo.

Many thanks to the good people at the Center for Culinary Development for asking us to upgrade their stainless steel kitchen shelves and bringing us over to The Plaza for work last week.

As stated in last week’s update and on our Contact Us page, we’re already completely booked up with work until after Labor Day — so we’re very happy to respond to inquiries before then, but we are regrettably unable to service any new customer inquiries until September.


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