As a fellow small business owner and self-styled commercial art & design wonk, I love stuff like this. Great job, DRSF.

So, the blog has been taking a bit of a hit lately, as we’ve been completely swamped with work, trying to get to as many of our customers’ projects as possible. We realize that 98% of the people actually reading this post are either A) my father or B) not really interested in the musings of a local tradesman, but just trying to get someone to stop their toilet from making that noise after it flushes, but the only thing worse than never hearing from you is having you fill out an online request form then telling you that we can’t get to your project for two weeks.

… and so, we come to the point of today’s update; it is with regret that I announce that we’re completely sold-out until the last week of the month — the week of August 26th. From a “sales and marketing” perspective, it’s sheer lunacy to tell you this and put you off contacting us for work instead of just overbooking our schedule and postponing your job at the last minute, but from a “customer service” perspective, it’s the right thing to do. If you’re in search of same-day or next-day service over the next two weeks, there’s no chance we’d be able to satisfy your expectations. BUT, if you have a project that can wait until the week of the 26th — or later — or if you’re interested in discussing some longer-term engagements for property management and scheduled maintenance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, here.

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