3 July 2012

When in the course of human events…

So begins the Declaration of Independence, the document that started it all, and the occasion for this midweek siesta, along with its concomitant fireworks and patriotic chest-thumping. San Francisco’s own fireworks show kicks off around 9:30 tomorrow, and — of course — Russian Hill has some of the best viewing spots in the city. We’ll be on the roof chanting U-S-A! along with everyone else, so there’s no chance anyone is getting anything done on Thursday morning this week. Then, the more I think about it, if we’re going to be worthless to our customers on Thursday, what’s the point of scheduling any work for Friday either? The weekend is right around the corner! Maybe we should take this opportunity to catch up on a few things around the workshop and shut the doors until next week. Yup, that’s what we’ll do!

We’ll be replying to all inquiries we received before the week of the 9th, but we are unavailable for any new work until then. Check out our “Contact Us” page to get a hold of us and find out when we can schedule your work.

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