RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Week of 20 May ’12

We’ve managed to survive Bay to Breakers and a solar eclipse in the same day, so this week’s schedule of work should be a piece of cake, right?

Optimistically, we hope so. As it stands right now, we’ve got a slough of work on the books for this week — much of it is existing stuff that involves a fair amount of sourcing-and-purchasing of some obscure home repair parts. As always, we’re eager to get you on the calendar as quickly as possible, and we will definitely continue to reply to all inquiries by the close of business on the day that they’re received. If we need a few days to get you scheduled, however, please understand it’s because we are trying to complete other projects before starting yours — extending you the same professional commitment as the customers for whom we’re currently working.

Thanks for visiting us, and we hope that we can be of service to you!

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