RUSSIAN HILL HANDYMAN Co. | Week of 13 Feb. ’12

We had a busy week last week — four brand new customers, and we hope that they found our work to be a perfect fit for the needs and expectations. If not, we hope that they’ll let us know how we can do better work in the future.

This week, we’re completely booked with the exception of the afternoon of Friday afternoon the 24th — if we don’t book the date by this Tuesday, it’s going to be an office day and we’re going to close the week, except for “Premium Booking*” customers. We’re looking forward to jobs in The Marina, Pacific Heights and — thank goodness — right here on Russian Hill, all of which include some finish electrical, finish plumbing fixtures, some drywall repair and some general troubleshooting.

Currently, we’re booking new customers during the week of March 5th — your best bet for getting an appointment on the calendar is to have the expectation that we’ll be scheduling your job for the first full week of March, except in the case of emergencies or Premium Bookings.

*(Premium Bookings are performed at time-and-a-half — they generally represent dates and times that we’ve committed to other long-term or in-house projects, but are potentially available to customers on an emergency basis.)

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